Getter-ion vacuum pumps NVIG-5

Getter-ion vacuum pumps NVIG-5 are used for oil-free extraction of gases and gas mixtures (air) from vacuum systems and for creation of high and ultrahigh vacuum. Getter-ion vacuum pumps NVIG-5 are used as a part of vacuum processing equipment.

Getter-ion vacuum pumps NVIG-5

The pumps are supplied in a moderately cold climate modification category 4 according to GOST 15150. Getter-ion pumps are powered by special power supply units BPM-0,25. The power supply unit is connected to a single-phase AC network 220 V, 50 Hz.

The pump is connected to other installations by a grooved flange Dn=25 mm according to OST 11 868.007.

Specifications of getter-ion vacuum pumps NVIG-5

Maximum speed with nitrogen, l/sec (± 20 %)
Maximum starting pressure, Pa
Maximum working pressure, Pa
Ultimate residual pressure, Pa
Recommended power supply unit
Weight (+5 %), kg
Connecting flange of the pump body according to OST 11 868.007 (FO)
- Dn, mm
- Pump dimensions (+5 max), mm
190 х 95 х 75

Our company Prizma LLC can design and manufacture other vacuum pumps similar to the available equipment, but with different parameters according to the customer’s specifications.