Regeneration station for finishing gas dryers SR-1

Regeneration station SR-1 is used for regeneration of finishing gas dryers FOG-3. The station is designed to be used in moderate climate conditions in 4.2 category of premises according to GOST 15150-69.

The regeneration station requires a supply of air (nitrogen) at the pressure of 0.1… 0.2 MPa without dust, oil vapors, alkalis, acids, sulphurous, phosphorous and arsenic compounds.

Regeneration unit for finishing gas dryers SR-1

Specifications of regeneration station SR-1

Gas drier regeneration time, hours, not more than
Regeneration air (nitrogen) flow rate, not more than, m3/hour
Dimensions, mm
680 x 470 x 1320
Weight, kg
Power consumption, kW

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