Finishing gas dryer FOG-3

Finishing gas dryer FOG-3 is used for final purification of different process gases (hydrogen, argon, nitrogen, oxygen) that do not contain dust, oil vapors, alkalis, acids, phosphorous and arsenic compounds from water vapors.

Water vapors content in the raw gas is not more than 39.4*10-4 vol.%, corresponding to the dew-point at the temperature (-50 °С). Working pressure of the raw gas is 0.01-0.8 MPa.

Operation of the finishing dryer FOG-3 is based on the effect of physical adsorption of water vapors on the surface of adsorbent - NaX zeolite. Regeneration station SR-1 is used for regeneration of gas dryer FOG-3.

Finishing gas dryer FOG-3

Specifications finishing gas dryer FOG-3

Capacity, not less, m3/hour
Water vapors contents in the raw gas, not more than, vol.%.
Amount of dried gas produced between regenerations, m3
No-failure operating time, not less than, hours
Average mean time between failures, not less than, hours
Dimensions (height x diameter), mm
620 x 100
Weight (without adsorbent), kg

Our company Prizma LLC can develop and manufacture gas driers to your specifications. Please let us know the parameters (chemical analysis) of your raw gas and what pressure, capacity and gas-purity value you want to receive at the output of your gas purification unit.