Cylinder gas cleaner 11 ChGM-6-014

Cylinder gas cleaner 11 ChGM-6-014 is used to remove oxygen, water vapors and dust from the following gases:

- premium grade nitrogen according to GOST 9293-74;
- argon according to GOST 101-57-79;
- helium according to TU 51-940-80;
- technical grade A hydrogen according to GOST 3022-80,

and also to dry technical grade B hydrogen according to GOST 3022-80.

Oxygen impurities from gases in the cleaner are extracted by nickel absorber, moisture is removed by NaX zeolite, and dust is removed by filtering material LFS-2. Regeneration unit 11 ChR-4-005 is used for regeneration of the cylinder gas cleaner.

Cylinder gas cleaner 11 ChGM-6-014 is connected to the consumer system at the output connecting pipe of hydrogen or oxygen pressure regulators. Pressure regulators are included in spare parts and accessories kits ZIP.

Spare parts and accessories kit for nitrogen and inert gas purification ZIP B8.М2.080.019ZI

Spare parts and accessories kit for hydrogen purification ZIP B8.M2.080.019-01ZI

Cylinder gas cleaner 11 ChGM-6-014

Specifications of gas cylinder cleaner 11 ChGM-6-014

11 ChGM-6-014
Capacity at working pressure 10 kgs/sm2, m3/hour
Working pressure, kgs/sm2
Residual impurities content at the pressure of 10 kgs/sm2
- oxygen vol.%.
- water vapors, mg/m3 (dew-point)
1,3 (-75 °C)
- dust 0.5 microns, particles/liter
Amount of gas cleaned between two regenerations of the cleaner, m3
Dimensions, mm
50 x 90 x 250
Weight, kg

Our company Prizma LLC can develop and manufacture cylinder gas cleaners to your specifications. Please let us know the parameters (chemical analysis) of your raw gas and what pressure, capacity and gas-purity value you want to receive at the output of your cleaner.